How to build your immune system? This question is being asked increasingly all around the world, especially after the spread of Covid-19. While the world is grappling with the new normal and learning to work around the global pandemic, it is crucial to take some basic steps that can help you remain on the greener side of the grass. Taking simple measures to build your strength and resistance is one such basic step you can take for yourself and your family. At Happy Soul we take wellness and “prevention is better than cure” very seriously. Here’s a list of some things that are super easy to inculcate into your daily routine, and will greatly help give your immunity that much-needed boost in these needy times.       


Swallow the rainbow

How beautiful does a wholesome plate of different fruits and vegetables look? Right from garden-fresh red and yellow bell peppers, broccoli, pumpkin, carrots, beetroots, celery, baby corn, ginger, turmeric, garlic to succulent apples, papayas, mangoes, plums, strawberries, blueberries, and whatnot. Fruits and vegetables ooze through gut health and infection-fighting vitamins and minerals that protect your stomach against molecules and free radicals that harm your body. Plan a trip to your local grocery store today and fill up your bags until you can see a seasonal fruit or vegetable in every colour! Make sure they are washed well, or if in doubt, why not try vegetable & fruit wash product.



Microbes, which reside in our lower intestine, help us fight off the bad bacteria and digest the food we eat. However, sometimes an imbalance of these can occur, leading the bad bacteria to overpower the good ones and give us gut and health-related problems. Probiotics are touted as the good bacteria that help restore this imbalance. Don’t wait to be struck by a health problem to consume probiotics. Consuming probiotics every day protects your gut and helps build your immune system by giving it a dose of immune building substances daily. We suggest you eat at least one of some probiotics rich food every day: yogurt, kefir, tempeh, and pickles.   


Sweat it out

Getting 30 minutes of exercise into your routine can really switch things up for your immune system. Exercising leads to a reduction in the release of stress hormones that lead to life-threatening diseases like heart attack, diabetes, etc. The sudden rise in body temperature while exercising is known to prevent bacteria from growing and also helps to flush bacteria from the airways. This helps build immunity against various infections, flu, and diseases. It is also important to keep sipping warm water throughout the day whether working out or not. Our chemical-free hygienic yoga mats and accessories are a must look at to complement your workout routine.


Sleep it off

Ever heard of the saying “You can sleep when you’re dead”? Well, you will die sooner if you don’t sleep well. An average adult needs at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Your body creates infection-fighting molecules when you are sleeping. Studies have repeatedly shown that people who don’t get a good nights’ sleep tend to get sick and infected faster. Formulate a relaxing bedtime routine, be it chamomile tea or lavender essential oils in diffusers and sleep yourself to good health.

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