Soft Spot Foods - Mild Cheese
Soft Spot Foods - Mild Cheese
Pizza Style Cheese.Vegan Mild Cheese is 100% plant-based cheese made with Cashew Nuts and coconut oil for a rich and creamy cruelty-free treat.

200 Grams


Seller: WestBay Foods LLP   

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It's allergen free so it does not contain any animal-derived ingredients such as milk or soy, it is lactose-free, dairy-free & gluten-free.


Flavour: Mild

This cheese was curated keeping in mind all pizza lovers.

Use on it's on or mix with some Soft Spot Foods Mozzarella to make a perfect topping on your pizzas. 

The cheese is mild and creamy and can be used in open sandwiches, parathas or cheese naan. 

Ideal for: Pizza, Sandwich, Cheese Naan or Parathas 

Water, Coconut Oil, Cashews , Potato Starch , Corn Starch , Carrageenan , Salt , Vegan Flavour, Guar Gam , Lactic acid , Annatto 

Q: What is the cheese made of?
A: The primary ingredients are Cashew Nuts and coconut Oil.

Q: What does vegan mean?
A: A vegan diet is when a person stops consuming all animal products.

Q: What does plant based mean?
A: A plant based diet is derived from plants that is no animal products are consumed. A plant based diet is a vegan diet.

Q: Do you use any milk to make the cheese?                                                          A: The cheese is not made of any dairy.

Q: Does it contain any lactose?
A: No, it 100% dairy free, lactose free and gluten free.

Q: What is the shelf life?
A: You can refrigerate the product for 3 months.

Q: How to store the product?
A: Once opened refrigerate in an airtight container.

Q: Can you cook with the product?                                                                         A: Yes the cheese melts just like regular cheese. You can use it in sandwiches, pizzas, pastas like you would with dairy cheese.

Q: Why is it better than dairy cheese?
A: Since it does not have any dairy fat or lactose it’s easier for the body to digest.

Q: Are any of the cheese Keto Friendly?
A: The mozzarella cheese is. 

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